Fascism is the union of government with private business against the People.
"To The States, or any one of them, or to any city of The States: Resist much, Obey little; Once unquestioning obedience, at once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, ever afterward resumes its liberty." from "Caution" by Walt Whitman

Monday, September 29, 2014

Fascists to cleanse USA history of "anything divisive", including the mention of slavery or illegality of wars

This page documents how fascists are attempting to cleanse history from schools and in the monopolist media. To cleanse history is to omit any knowledge of historical fascism in the USA. To censor knowledge of the old Jim Crow regime is to allow for it to return. To make it as though the USA was always the "best Democracy" and a "shining light on the world" without acknowledging the world empire of economic dictatorships benefiting the investment-class of the USA.

"Ben Carson: New AP U.S. history course will make kids want to ‘sign up for ISIS’ "2014-09-29 by Valerie Strauss for "The Washington Post"
(Ben Carson Photo by Scott Morgan for The Washington Post)
Here’s the video of Carson on Monday at the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Action Summit:
(download only) [https://web.archive.org/web/20141004003957/http://cloudfront.mediamatters.org/static/clips/2014/09/29/36951/natsecsummit-20140929-carson-1.mp4]
The new Advanced Placement U.S. history framework has become the target of intense criticism from conservatives who charge that it is anti-American, the latest attack coming on Monday from potential GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson, a famed pediatric neurosurgeon who said that “most people” who complete the course would then be “ready to sign up for ISIS.”
Conservatives have said that the new history framework –  being used this fall in classrooms around the country — does not highlight American achievements or mention key American historical figures but spends a lot of time talking about America’s worst period.  Top officials at the College Board, which owns the Advanced Placement program, have said there is nothing anti-American about the document.  College Board President David Coleman and AP program head Trevor Packer have both rejected the criticism, noting that the controversial framework is not a full curriculum but an outline for teachers to design their own lesson plans according to individual state requirements.
AP courses do not come prepackaged, giving teachers freedom to develop their own curriculum and lesson plans. The previous framework, which was updated after teachers complained that it had too much in it and did not allow students time to delve deeply into any particular subject, did not include specific names or dates either. The authors of the new framework issued a public letter recently that said in part:
[begin quote]
The AP U.S. History course is an advanced, college-level course – not an introductory U.S. history course — and is not meant to be students’ first exposure to the fundamental narrative of U.S. history. Because countless states, districts, and schools have their own standards for U.S. history teaching, we did not want to usurp local control by prescribing a detailed national curriculum of people, places, and events. As a result, we created a framework , not a full curriculum, so that local decision makers and teachers could populate the course with content that is meaningful to them and that satisfies their state mandates (such as teachers choosing to discuss the heroic World War II experiences of Bob Dole, Daniel Inouye, or Dorie Miller).
[end quote]
The new framework — known as APUSH — has been under attack for weeks. The Republican National Committee last month passed a resolution bashing it as reflecting “a radically revisionist view of American history that emphasizes negative aspects of our nation’s history while omitting or minimizing positive aspects.” The RNC urged the College Board, which owns the Advanced Placement program, to delay implementation for a year until it can be reviewed.
After the RNC resolution was passed, Coleman issued a letter saying that the criticism was confusing the framework with a curriculum, but said that to help ease the minds of people concerned that the course did not pay enough attention to the nation’s founders, he would release a full practice exam for the AP course (see below).
That didn’t stem the criticism, and Carson joined the conservative attack on Monday. My Post colleague Nia-Malika Henderson reported on Monday [https://archive.today/1vtcN] that Carson, a contributor to FOX News, said the “likelihood is strong” that he will run for president in 2016 and a fundraising front, the National Draft Ben Carson Committee, is already raising millions of dollars.
Media Matters reported on Monday [http://mediamatters.org/video/2014/09/29/foxs-ben-carson-ap-history-curriculum-would-mak/200933] that Carson appeared at the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Action Summit and said the history course being taught in schools is so distorted that he thinks that “most people when they finish that course they’d be ready to sign up for ISIS.” (See video below.) ISIS is the terrorist organization that the United States has targeted with air strikes in Syria and Iraq. He said:
“I am a little shocked quite frankly looking at the AP course in American history that’s being taught in high schools across our country right now. There’s only two paragraphs in there about George Washington. George Washington, believe it or not. Little or nothing about Martin Luther King. A whole section of slavery and how evil we are. A whole section about Japanese internment camps. A whole section about how we wiped out American Indians with no mercy. I mean I think most people when they finish that course, they’d be ready to sign up for ISIS. This is what we are doing to the young people in our nation. We have got to stop this silliness. We have to stop crucifying ourselves. Have we made mistakes as a nation? Of course we have. Why? Because we are people and all people make mistakes.”
Carson has previously made headlines for comments against gay marriage as well and against evolution [https://archive.today/lTI5A].
Meanwhile, in Jefferson County, Colorado, about 1,000 students have been protesting a call by a member of the Board of Education there for a review of the AP history course to see if it, among other things, promotes civil disobedience. The College Board issued an unprecedented statement late last week saying it was supporting the students. The statement said in part:
“The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program supports the actions taken by students in Jefferson County, Colorado to protest a school board member’s request to censor aspects of the AP U.S. History course. These students recognize that the social order can — and sometimes must — be disrupted in the pursuit of liberty and justice. Civil disorder and social strife are at the patriotic heart of American history — from the Boston Tea Party to the American Revolution to the Civil Rights Movement. And these events and ideas are essential within the study of a college-level, AP U.S. History course.”

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The "Conservative" Stab-in-the-back

Everyone knows what "stab in the back" means, when referring to wars for energy wealth. Capitalists, Dictators and brutal mercenaries all agree, ending the mass killings of civilians is a bad thing, especially when civilians form a militia and fight back, in which case, the war must go on!

Often, the term "stab in the back" is used by "conservatives" to describe any political action against the use of weapons of mass destruction, such as seen in the USA war against the People of Iraq. It is known for certain that the mass killings of hundreds of thousands of civilians within the jurisdiction of Iraq has influenced a militant ideology among them, which is hostile to not only the USA but also its allies. Although the allies do subsidize their own non-state militias across the Arabia Peninsula, the action of ending the Iraq war is being shown as a "stab in the back" being done by "liberals" like Pres. Obama and the Democrat Party.

What follows shows how the global fascist alliance secures the image of the "stab in the back" to influence popular opinon in the USA for support of expanding military operations.
** "Saudis lament, 'we have been stabbed in the back by Obama' " (2013-12-27) [http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/12/27/saudis-lament-have-been-stabbed-in-back-by-obama/] [archive.today/MgR0p]

Recently (2014-07) I heard my man Toby Keith call out Obama for his stab in the back against the war! Why does his opinion matter? Because his views become the views of his millions of devoted listeners of his popular music, and he is an investor in weapons industries and energy extraction companies.
** "Toby Keith, Cowboy Capitalist: Country's $500 Million Man"[http://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2013/06/26/toby-keith-cowboy-capitalist-countrys-500-million-man/] [archive.today/CwETC]

And mercenary army owner is also calling out Obama for the stab in the back concerning the war in Iraq!
"Blackwater founder: We could have fought ISIS if Obama hadn't 'crushed my old business' " (2014-09-22) [http://rt.com/usa/189684-blackwater-private-army-isis/] [archive.today/KCKQ0]

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How advocates against government social-programs "prove" their point

"War on Poverty, fail", 2014-09-18 [https://archive.today/dIJyX]:
From the Rush Limbaugh show....
Our old buddy at the Heritage Foundation, Robert Rector, is back with yet another great paper on what a total, total abomination the War on Poverty has been. I mean, the numbers he cites in his piece are just mind boggling.
For example, the U.S. has spent $22 trillion in its War on Poverty, three times the amount we have spent on all wars combined, and still the percentage of people in poverty is the same as it was before the War on Poverty began. And Rector said, "How is this possible? How in the world can we spend $22 trillion and not even change the circumstances of people?" And he gets into the original purposes of LBJ, and of course, just like FDR, it was to create a permanent Democrat majority with all these things.
When the War on Poverty began, 7% of children in America were born outside marriage. Today, 42% of all kids born in this country are born out of wedlock. And in the African-American community, it's 73%. War on Poverty. That's the beginning point for these numbers. Seven percent birthrate outside marriage in 1965, now 42% nationwide, 73% in the black community.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Private Religious Law, Public Secular Law

A teen-age man's life is made useless by the marking of his name with incarceration, which prevents access to grants for higher-learning, and higher-economic class.
Secular law does not enforce the dictates of a religion on non-believers. It will enforce laws against trespassing, stealing, and destruction against a public monument, as an act of protecting property...
When a religion governs a state, it is a political ideology which is defended against all non-violent "outrages".
The offender is charged with the following: “Desecration of a Venerated Object.”, which is defined as “Defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise, physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.”

"It's a simple case of statutory rape"

"Teen Faces 2 Years in Prison for Taking a Lewd Photo…..With a Statue"2014-09-11 by Cassandra Rules [http://thefreethoughtproject.com/teenager-facing-years-offensive-facebook-photos]:
An Everett, Pennsylvania, teenager is facing two years locked away over some offensive photos posted to his facebook account.
The photos depict him in mock sexual positions with a Jesus Statue.  The statue does not appear to have been harmed during the incident.
KRON4 reports that the photos were taken and uploaded in July in front of the “Love in the Name of Christ” Christian organization in his hometown of Everett.
The young man is charged with “Desecration of a Venerated Object.”, which is defined as “Defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise, physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.”
This is a charge that was often used against people who burnt American flags in protest.
In Texas v. Johnson, Johnson was charged with Desecration of a Venerated Object for burning an American Flag during the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas.
The case brought to light questions about whether or not expressive acts were protected under the amendment. The supreme court ultimately decided that the burning of the flag in protest was in fact, protected speech, since it was done in an expressive manner with obvious political intentions.
It is important to note that any act may be protected or not depending upon context and intention. For example, if a flag was burned in protest it is protected speech, if it was burned as an act of vandalism, it is not.
If the young man was expressing his distaste for the church, then legally, per our constitution, these charges must be dropped.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"CIA Press Handlers" act as official censors and propaganda agents

The so-called "Liberal Press" [link]

"FOIA Requests Expose Corporate Media Working Directly with the CIA"
2014-09-10 by Cassius Methyl for "TheAntiMedia" [http://theantimedia.org/foia-requests-expose-corporate-media-working-directly-with-the-cia/] (archive.today):
View the complete set of emails (hundreds of pages) at
** [https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1283562-cia-public-affairs-emails.html]
** [https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1283562/cia-public-affairs-emails.pdf].

Ken Dilanian, an AP ‘journalist’ and former LA Times writer, was exposed recently for coordinating with none other than the Central Intelligence Agency.
He submitted his articles in progress and pieces of information he was to use in articles to ‘CIA Press Handlers’ via email, and documents obtained by ‘The Intercept‘ illustrate the entire process of oversight and heavy influence exerted by the CIA over the LA Times, as well as several other corporate media outlets [https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/09/04/former-l-times-reporter-cleared-stories-cia-publication/] (archive.today).
Dilanian promised in emails that he would paint the agency in a positive light. He used his writing abilities for darkness, doing such things as making it seem as if drone strikes were morally justified, painting his stories as if innocent people were not savagely shredded to pieces in drone strikes.
This is just one glimpse into  a large connection to be further uncovered with irrefutable pieces of evidence such as these leaked emails.
(Click to enlarge. Credit: The Intercept) View original page at [https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1283562-cia-public-affairs-emails.html#document/p346]

To cite some of these emails between Ken Dilanian and CIA press handlers, here is a quote; “I’m working on a story about congressional oversight of drone strikes that can present a good opportunity for you guys,” Ken said in an email to a CIA press handler. He continued to say that his ‘journalism’ about drone strikes would be “reassuring to the public”.
These are some of the most concrete facts out there that show precisely how the corporate media is bought and paid for, controlled by powers that annihilate the objectivity of the reporting. That objectivity obviously never existed; for those who just can’t seem to believe that mainstream media intentionally, calculatedly manipulates people into holding opinions that don’t align with reality, here is your irrefutable proof, and much more is coming.
(Click to enlarge. Credit: The Intercept)

All of these revealing emails are the result of FOIA requests by people fighting the good fight; hundreds of pages were released revealing connections between the CIA and The Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more .
If you thought that was bad, the documents proceeded to reveal that people from those ‘news agencies’ routinely went to meetings with CIA press handlers in McLean, Virginia.
Now prepare to recognize some names of corporate media correspondents who went to these CIA briefings; David Ignatius,  Fox News’ Brett Baier, Juan Williams, and Catherine Herridge [https://web.archive.org/web/20140914105149/https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/09/04/former-l-times-reporter-cleared-stories-cia-publication/].
FOIA requests for connections between government agencies and the corporate media are on the rise, and more will surely be revealed. Really though, do you feel like you need more evidence suggesting the mainstream media coordinates with the CIA and associates?
These mainstream media outlets have not only lies and manipulation to be guilty of, but they have blood on their hands.
The mainstream media’s manipulation of the American people’s perception of war leads to mass apathy, which plays a large role in the US Government and associated powers having the ability to get away with murder, war crimes, and numerous other atrocities with impunity .
The documents referred to in this article can be viewed here, thanks to The Intercept [https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1283562-cia-public-affairs-emails.html].
Some people don’t understand this and just need the straightest, most irrefutable facts to be fully convinced of the reality of this situation. On that note, please share this with absolutely as many people as possible, and if you can get a person who didn’t get it before to understand it now, you have put in work to accelerate the paradigm shift towards massive awareness and peace.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

USA torture techniques include near drowning, beyond "waterboarding" with a cloth

Reporter Christopher Hitchens of Vanity Fair Magazine undergoes waterboarding
[www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1q-IqLLMZ4], of what the public was shown in the monopolist media about waterboarding. News media consumers are told throughout the world that the USA's torture techniques do not exceed "waterboarding" with a cloth, alongside rare mentions of "Black Sites" where mercenaries are paid by USA agencies to conduct physical torture (especially in Libya).

"CIA 'tortured al-Qaeda suspects close to the point of death by drowning them in water-filled baths' "
2014-09-07 by Peter Foster for the "Telegraph" daily newspaper
Washington -
The CIA brought top al-Qaeda suspects close “to the point of death” by drowning them in water-filled baths during interrogation sessions in the years that followed the September 11 attacks, a security source has told The Telegraph.
The description of the torture meted out to at least two leading al-Qaeda suspects, including the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, far exceeds the conventional understanding of waterboarding, or “simulated drowning” so far admitted by the CIA.
“They weren’t just pouring water over their heads or over a cloth,” said the source who has first-hand knowledge of the period. “They were holding them under water until the point of death, with a doctor present to make sure they did not go too far. This was real torture.”
The account of extreme CIA interrogation comes as the US Senate prepares to publish a declassified version of its so-called Torture Report – a 3,600-page report document based on a review of several million classified CIA documents.
Publication of the report is currently being held up by a dispute over how much of the 480-page public summary should remain classified, but it is expected to be published within weeks.
A second source who is familiar with the Senate report told The Telegraph that it contained several unflinching accounts of some CIA interrogations which – the source predicted – would “deeply shock” the general public.
Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee that authored the report has promised that it will expose “brutality that stands in stark contrast to our values as a nation”. The Senate report is understood to accuse the CIA of lying and of grossly exaggerating the usefulness of torture.
It is being angrily opposed by many senior Republicans, former CIA operatives and Bush-era officials, including the former US vice president Dick Cheney, who argue that is it poorly researched and politically motivated.
The CIA has previously admitted that it used black sites to subject at least three high-value al-Qaeda detainees to “enhanced interrogation” – namely Mohammed, the alleged USS Cole bomber Abd al Rahim al Nashiri and alleged senior Bin Laden aide Abu Zubaydah.
An internal report in 2004 by the CIA’s own Office of Inspector General admitted that Mohammed had been “waterboarded” 183 times and Abu Zubaydah 83 times – but actual details of how the interrogations were administered have never been provided.
When the 109-page CIA report was made public in 2009 following a freedom of information lawsuit, large portions of it remained redacted – or blacked out – including all 23 pages that followed the factual admission that interrogators “applied the waterboard technique” to Mohammed.
An official CIA description of waterboarding in the 2004 report says that a cloth is used to cover a subject’s nose and mouth and is saturated with water for “no more than 20 seconds” before being removed. A stream of water is then “directed at the upper lip” in order to prolong “the sense of suffocation”.
However the report also admits that waterboarding was being carried in a “manner different” from that prescribed in the US military’s standard SERE training manual, but details were not revealed, beyond the frequency of the treatment, which was admitted to have broken guidelines.
Among the additional difficulties for investigators seeking the truth about what happened is the fact that in November 2005 the CIA destroyed some 92 video tapes of its waterboarding and interrogation of Mohammed and the others.
The officer responsible, Jose Rodriquez, was reprimanded but justified his actions by arguing that he feared the tapes would eventually leak to the media, provoking a backlash that would endanger officers’ lives.
The White House and the State Department fear that the Senate report could still cause a backlash and have made preparations for increased security at sensitive sites when it is eventually published.
Despite the destruction of video evidence, however, a third source familiar with the still-classified accounts of the most severe of the CIA interrogations, said that the practices were much more brutal than is widely understood.
“They got medieval on his ass, and far more so than people realise,” the source told The Telegraph referring to the treatment of Mohammed and Nashiri, but declined to provide further details because of the still-classified nature of the material.
Amrit Singh, a lawyer with the New York-based Open Society Justice Initiative and the author of Administration of Torture, a book detailing the Bush administration’s torture policy, said the new details of the CIA excesses should not come as a surprise.
“Given the lengths that Bush-era CIA officials went to cover up the truth, including destroying videotapes depicting waterboarding of prisoners, it comes as no surprise that the torture was more brutal than previously revealed.
“It is, however, something that the American public has a right to know about, and an obligation to reckon with, and these revelations only underscore the urgent need for release of the Senate intelligence committee report,” she said.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hospital Access is Tyranny, says Federal Congress Rep. Mike Kennedy (Republican Party of Utah)

Watch the video to view his comment in context. 

"He's a Doctor, honey: Rep. Dr. Mike Kennedy, Esq., Will Protect Utah From Dangerous Hospitals"
2014-08-29 by Beth Ethier for "Wonkette" [http://wonkette.com/558705/rep-dr-mike-kennedy-esq-will-protect-utah-from-dangerous-hospitals]:
(Image via Dr. Mike’s YouTube campaign video)

More info at Fox 13 Salt Lake City [http://fox13now.com/2014/08/28/state-representative-to-legislature-hospitals-can-be-dangerous/].

"Mike Kennedy - Utah House District 27" video, upload 2012-06-17 by "Mike Kennedy" to [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoBOAhxHzxo]:
Mike Kennedy is a Fiscal Conservative, a Health Care Expert and a Solution Based Leader running for Utah House District 27. Please Visit [www.KennedyHouseCalls.com]. Produced by Revolution Media [www.RevolutionMediaUSA.com]
People of Utah, did you know you are under threat by monstrous hazards that lurk behind gleaming facades, endangering your very life under the diabolical ruse of helping you avoid death? There could even be one of these hulking terrors right in your own neighborhood.  Fortunately, there is a kindly doctorman fighting to protect you from these deathtraps, these hospitals, by making sure you don’t have access to them. That man is Dr. Mike, J.D., also known as state Rep. Michael S. Kennedy of Utah’s 27th House District.
During a meeting of the Health Reform Task Force (which, luckily for all of Utah, Dr. Mike is there to steer in the right direction), a visiting doctor recounted a story of a man who had an extremely rare but serious reaction to pain medication while being treated for injuries from a car accident. Dr. Mike, who we reiterate is a practicing medical doctor himself, took this as rock-solid evidence to support his assertion that it is access to hospitals that is killing people, and the best thing for patients to do is just stay out of these places altogether (and, presumably, let Dr. Mike come to your house instead).
"Sometimes access to health care can actually be damaging and dangerous, and it’s a perspective for the [legislative] body to consider is that I’ve heard from National Institutes of Health and otherwise we’re killing up to a million, a million and a half people every year in our hospitals and it’s access to hospitals that’s killing those people."
So who is this hero standing between an unsuspecting public and the scourge of doctors and their death chambers? According to his campaign video, Mike Kennedy was thrown into poverty by his parents’ divorce when he was seven years old, but learned that “sound fiscal management” can save you from “debt and bondage,” so, silver lining? Also, cute kids are not afraid to let him use a stethoscope on them.
Mike is a triple threat: freshman legislator, Brigham Young law graduate, and family doctor. (Back off, Husband Hunters — he’s taken!) And you can tell he is a man of conviction, since his offensive against hospitals and wider war on Obamacare line up exactly with his overall philosophy that any help you give anyone will only hurt them, especially if that help has even a whiff of government stink about it: "As a physician, I’ve seen firsthand the invasion of the federal government in our lives. Although government programs might seem benign at first, they lead to dependency and restrict our freedoms."
Utahans, when you’re dying, noble and free, from internal injuries after your car accident rather than taking your chances with some scary witch doctor and his mystery medicines, be grateful for Dr. Mike, the one true warrior in your struggle to be free of hospital access.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chicago Tribune reporter Ken Dilanian is a CIA asset

The so-called "Liberal Press" [link]

"Ex-Tribune reporter said to have 'collaborative' relationship with CIA"
2014-09-04 by Michael Muskal from the "Los Angeles Times" daily newspaper [http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-tribune-dilanian-20140904-story.html]:
** Website cofounded by Glenn Greenwald accuses ex-Tribune reporter of sending stories to CIA before publication.
** Emails between former Tribune reporter Ken Dilanian and press office at CIA are made public
Photo: Ken Dilanian, former staffer in the Tribune Washington bureau.

A website cofounded by journalist Glenn Greenwald has published emails suggesting that a former Tribune Washington bureau national security reporter submitted some of his work to CIA officials prior to publication, a practice banned by many media outlets, including Tribune.
Ken Dilanian, a former staff writer for the newspaper chain that includes the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, had a "closely collaborative relationship with the CIA," according to the article, published Thursday by the online news site the Intercept.
In documents made public by the website, Dilanian appeared to promise positive news coverage and on occasion sent the CIA press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication. In at least one instance, the CIA’s reaction appears to have led to significant changes in a story eventually published by Tribune newspapers, according to the emails.
“I’m working on a story about congressional oversight of drone strikes that can present a good opportunity for you guys,” Dilanian wrote in one email to a CIA press officer, explaining that what he intended to report would be “reassuring to the public” about CIA drone strikes, according to the Intercept.
In another exchange, the website reported, Dilanian sent a full draft of an unpublished report about drone strikes along with the subject line, “does this look better?” In another, he directly asks the agency officer: “You wouldn’t put out disinformation on this, would you?”
David Lauter, chief of the Tribune Washington bureau, said the emails suggest a possible violation of Tribune news policy.
“We have a very clear rule that has been in place for quite a few years that tells reporters not to share copies of stories outside the newsroom,” Lauter said. “I am disappointed that the emails indicate that Ken may have violated that rule.
“We don’t have reason to believe that any of the stories we published were in any way inaccurate,” Lauter added.
Dilanian left Tribune in May to join the Associated Press, and the emails released by the CIA cover only a few months of his tenure with Tribune, the Intercept said.
Paul Colford, director of media relations for the AP, said: “We were satisfied that any pre-publication exchanges that Ken had with the CIA before joining AP were in pursuit of accuracy in his reporting on intelligence matters.”
Dilanian declined to comment.
Greenwald is a former reporter for the Guardian who has reported extensively on national security issues. He cofounded the Intercept in part as a means of reporting on documents uncovered by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.
2014-09-05 from Jett Stevens: Cursory look through the Times database show no articles from Mr. Dilanian in the opinion section. He was your typical garden variety reporter, and his name and photo should be included in every future dictionary, right next to the definition of the word toady.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shell Oil says energy is best exported, and doing so makes for better national security

The alternative is renewable energy sources, and it is best for collective security, dig?
Royal Dutch Shell is a monopolist energy corporation, and it is in its own financial security that their official company is as follows...

"Shell: 'Persuasive argument' for U.S. oil and gas exports"
2014-09-03 by Daniel J. Graeber for "UPI" newswire [http://www.upi.com/Business_News/Energy-Resources/2014/09/03/Shell-makes-US-oil-gas-export-argument/7581409746991/]:
New York -
Exporting oil and natural gas from the United States should help ensure a more stable global energy sector, the head of Royal Dutch Shell said from New York.
Shell Chief Executive Officer Ben van Beurden said during a speech at Columbia University there was a "persuasive argument" for open exports from the United States.
Some policymakers on Capitol Hill and those in the energy industry have said more oil and natural gas exports would secure the United States as a global energy superpower.
Crude oil exports are restricted by legislation enacted in response to the oil embargo from Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in the 1970s. Exports in the form of liquefied natural gas require an approval process that supporters say is mired in red tape.
Van Buerden said in his address a "truly liberalized" U.S. energy market would bring global benefits.
"U.S. oil and gas exports would reinforce the long-term future of North American energy production, significantly improve the U.S. balance of trade and help to make the global energy system more stable," he said in his remarks Tuesday.
Critics argue exports would lead to an increase in hydraulic fracturing, the controversial drilling practice behind the glut of oil and gas in the United States. Some industry reports have said exports could also lead to an increase in domestic energy prices.

49.1 million residents in USA are food-insecure

"New Hunger Figures Show Millions of Americans Continue to Struggle"
2014-09-03 from "Bread for the World" [http://www.bread.org/media/releases/new-hunger-figures-show.html]:
Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) revealed that 14.3 percent of U.S. households were food-insecure in 2013. This number is a slight decline since 2011 but remains well above the rates of food insecurity recorded before the recession. The figures are part of the USDA’s annual report, Household Food Security in the United States 2013.
“Our elected officials need to make ending hunger a national priority,” said Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World. “It is unacceptable that 17.5 million households in this country must choose between paying for medicine, rent, day care, or food.
In 2008, the number of food-insecure Americans increased by more than 30 percent as a result of the recession and has remained above 14 percent. The USDA defines food insecurity as “when consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year.”
The working poor and families living in poverty are most vulnerable to food insecurity. The threat to children is especially high - 15.8 million children lived in food-insecure households in 2013.
According to the USDA report, for 360,000 households, “food insecurity among children was so severe that caregivers reported that children were hungry, skipped a meal, or did not eat for a whole day because there was not enough money for food.” Studies show that children who are hungry and at risk of hunger are more likely to struggle in school and have an increased risk for illnesses and weakened immune systems.
“I pray that our brothers and sisters across the country will use the ballot box to speak up for the 49.1 million Americans who live in food-insecure households,” added Beckmann. “During this election season, I urge you to support and volunteer your time to candidates who are committed to ending hunger. I urge everyone to vote for candidates who demonstrate the political will to end hunger in our time.”

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


2014-09-02 by Cassandra Rules from "The Free Thought Project":
Article [http://thefreethoughtproject.com/philadelphia-police-seizing-peoples-homes-charges/]:
Video [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj2zJSUiUH8]

The Philadelphia police are putting home owners on the street and it has nothing to do with their ability to pay the mortgage, nor are they being charged with a crime.
Christos Sourovelis works hard and owns a painting business. He has built a “dream house” in a Philadelphia suburb, and without warning, the city came along and siezed their home.  Sourovelis and his wife, Markela, have never been charged, or accused of any wrong doing.
They are now suing the Philadelphia DA after their home was seized when their son was found with $40 worth of heroin.
A month and half after their son was arrested the police showed up. They opened the door and had their gun drawn on the families dog before Markela Sourovelis even knew what was going on.
This family isn’t alone.  Civil forfeiture allows the city to seize any property without charging the home owner with a crime.
From 2008-2011 Allegheny, PA, filed only 200 petitions for civil forfeiture, in 2011 alone, Philadelphia filed 6,560 petitions.
“The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has turned this tool in to a veritable machine, devouring real and personal property from thousands of residents, many of whom are innocent, and converting that property in to a $5.8 million average annual stream of revenue,” Darpana Sheth, a lawyer with the Virginia-based Institute for Justice, a nonprofit public-interest law firm told CNN.
Civil forfeiture was authorized in 1988 as a means to go after drug traffickers to take away the “tools of the trade”, meaning anything used or earned from the drug business.  However, because these cases are technically civil actions, property owners receive almost none of the protections that criminal defendants receive. Instead of them having to prove your guilt, you must prove your innocence.
The government must only prove that a property, not the owner, was “more likely than not” involved in the perpetration of a crime.
This week the Sourovelis’s joined with two other families and filed a lawsuit against the DA, city, and the police department.  They are seeking only $6 each in damages, but aim to shut down the civil forfeiture program on constitutional grounds.
Philadelphia has brought in more than $64 million in seized property during the last decade – nearly twice the amount raised by similar programs in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Los Angeles County combined, according to Philly.com.
According to a report by Vice titled ‘Asset Forfeiture, the Cash Cow of the Drug War‘, The Justice Department’s asset forfeiture fund was at $1.8 billion in 2011, and it gave away nearly half a billion dollars to local police departments.
Asset forfeiture keeps the money rolling into police departments, which is in turn used to buy them all sorts of fancy new militarized toys.
What do you say, isn’t it time to end the drug war?

Monday, September 1, 2014

The so-called "Conservative" media

The most well known "Conservative" monopolist media is "Fox News", which is infamous for broadcasting fabrications and allowing self-described experts to lie unchallanged, without corrections, as long as the fabrications conform to the ideology of the main faction of the Republican Party...

Youth Prisoner Uprising at Woodland Hills detention center in Tennessee

Throughout the Cold War, it was said the GULAG system of rehabilitative prisons were part of the system of tyranny which the United States fought against, and that prison uprisings were to be supported because the GULAG prisons had terrible human-rights abuse. The majority of inmates in the old GULAG rehabilitative prisons were petty criminals, and their treatment by prison authorities was described as justifying prison uprisings. There were no youth prisons in the GULAG, as young offenders were incarcerated in educational facilities and given jobs after release.

Photo 2014-09-01 from "The Tennessean", showing "Startling images from the hours-long riot after teens try to escape from Woodland Hills detention center"

"History of trouble at Woodland Hills"
2014-09-04 from "The Tennessean" [http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2014/09/03/woodland-hills-escape-dcs/15046057/]
(Photo: Samuel M. Simpkins / The Tennessean)

Monday night's escape at Woodland Hills is only the latest sign of trouble there [http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2014/09/03/dcs-guards-assaulted-woodland-hills-escape/15022223/]. Tennessean reports have chronicled issues there for years.

March 2004 -
Juveniles armed with improvised weapons such as broken mop handles, trash-can lids and bricks attacked staff during an escape attempt.
Two nurses and 18 other staff members, including guards, teachers and counselors, suffered minor injuries. The most seriously hurt was a nurse who possibly had her nose broken.

February 2010 -
A Tennessean investigation uncovered a letter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from a veteran supervisor at Woodland Hills alleging incidents of sexual abuse by female staffers. One case, verified in separate documents, involved a guard who continued to work at the facility after she married a youth she had met at Woodland Hills.

May 2012 -
Kendall Oates suffered a seizure and died in May 2012 at age 18 at Woodland Hills [http://www.tennessean.com/interactive/article/99999999/INTERACTIVES/130810015/Timeline-death-Kendall-Oates-DCS-custody]. A Tennessean investigation found that Oates may have lain sick or dead alone in his room for hours, undetected by a security guard [http://www.tennessean.com/article/20130811/NEWS01/308110042/Family-fights-answers-year-after-Brentwood-High-student-dies-seizure-DCS-lockup]. In 2014, the state agreed to pay Oates' parents $250,000 to settle a wrongful death lawsuit.

July-September 2012 -
DCS saw a sharp spike in violence involving children and youths, that prompted an internal review of Woodland Hills. Over July, August and September, there were 102 youth-on-youth or youth-on-staff assaults that involved teachers, staff and guards at Woodland Hills. Officials launched a retraining program for newly hired staff there that included lessons in de-escalating violence.

May 2014 -
Six or seven teens at Woodland Hills broke out of their dorms and made it to the outdoor courtyard.
Staffers called for backup from Metro police, who set up command post outside the facility. Staffers and case workers were able to talk the teens into going back inside by 6 a.m., Johnson said.