Fascism is the union of government with private business against the People.
"To The States, or any one of them, or to any city of The States: Resist much, Obey little; Once unquestioning obedience, at once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, ever afterward resumes its liberty." from "Caution" by Walt Whitman

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In the following graphic, you will notice that USA tax money is subsidizing the corporations who monopolize many economic sectors within the USA market who themselves are able to use tax loopholes so they don't have to pay taxes.
This is the idea of fascism which dictates that the people must pay for the corporation's existance so that the corporation can pay money to their investors, and the USA Citizenry are being taxed to pay tribute to the monopoly corporations who control the national economy.
Through the INFRAGARD and MATRIX alliances, which unionizes the monopoly corporation's intelligence agencies with the USA Federal and State Government's secret police agencies, the process of fascism is secure and capable of enforcing it's dictates...
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