Fascism is the union of government with private business against the People.
"To The States, or any one of them, or to any city of The States: Resist much, Obey little; Once unquestioning obedience, at once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, ever afterward resumes its liberty." from "Caution" by Walt Whitman

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012-07-17 "Department of Homeland Catheters Spying on Occupy Wallstreet"

by Tracy Turner [http://www.opednews.com/articles/Department-of-Homeland-Cat-by-Tracy-Turner-120717-193.html]:
Free Speech, Captured and Stored to DHS Hard-drives by posterrevolution.com

If you do a Google search for Department of Homeland Security spying on Occupy, it returns 886,000 results from the open Internet.
DHS is not tracking Bin Laden cohorts across America; Department of Homeland Security is tracking Occupiers. BTW, reading keyboard strokes from space is very old cold war technology. Warrantless, DHS sees everything electronic done by Occupy, absolutely everything. Read Jeffrey T. Richelson (1990). America's Secret Eyes in Space: The U.S. Keyhole Spy Satellite Program. The book is old, but it gives you a sense of what satellites can do now, like recognize your face and positively identify you when you look up; when the satellite is further towards the horizon, you don't have to look up to have face-recognition software pick your face out of a crowd of Occupiers. Just think of the Hubble Space Telescope pointed at the middle of a crowd of Occupiers.
The police, FBI and DHS don't follow you, anymore, they arrive ahead of you repeatedly, whether in black and whites or in unmarked cars. Just ordinary city cops or county sheriffs have been given both training and electronics surveillance equipment to LoJack our cars with GPS tracking devices and transmitters to transmit conversations from inside the car. The large masses of police in riot gear, arriving at the precise GPS coordinates where the Occupiers were planning to meet, the police mass-presence forming hours ahead of Occupy's schedule is anecdotal evidence of electronic surveillance, aka warrantless eavesdropping?
Shut off your cell phone, take the battery out? Not use a computer, pad, cell phone or palm device, ever, to communicate with other Occupiers? DHS has trained regular law enforcement with how to electronically bug your house, your car, your friend's houses and cars. Even local police have James Bond-like equipment and technology
The Department of Homeland Security and all the law enforcement agencies they have trained will go right through the open Internet, right through your firewall if you have one, right through your WEP encryption if it is turned on and read your data, monitor your keystrokes. When the first few people show up at your (our) massive Occupy event, the police will have "occupied" us first" they will have estimated crowd size, borrowed overtime officers from adjoining communities and will be standing there ready to break human heads. The event has been cancelled via warrantless surveillance before it started.
There have been numerous study groups and focus groups used to rank words; the word freedom is the strongest word in the English language. Bond, James Bond. How much DHS-James Bond hardware was out and about, listening, peeping, videotaping? How many DHS cyber-nerds are Telnetting into our email boxes, the Occupiers email boxes? Some freedom.
The so-called war on terror has become a pre-emptive war on all of us, particularly a pre-emptive war on Occupy. DHS cowards, fascist police doing thought control, trying to enforce the corporatist government agenda upon the unwilling" Couple that with the broken noses and broken jaws the Chicago Police inflicted on the NATO summit Occupiers and antiwar protestors, and you have a brutal, oppressive fascist regime. Don't American's overthrow brutal fascist regimes? When exactly did we become one?
DHS is touted in the biased news media as some kind of national heroes. Instead, they do the shadow covert warrantless coward surveillance" it gives the coward class a place to work in a so-called good job. DHS, Hitler's brownshirts" How does an ordinary citizen overthrow the brutality and oppression of DHS and the Chicago Police?
Corporations like an un-named college offer courses in National Security. Can't make it in Wal-Mart, rejected by the police and military recruiters? Department of Homeland Security is for you"
The military and the Police have benchmarks: physical training, IQ tests, psychological tests that people have to be capable of a certain level or standard. The Department of Homeland Security * is * a terrorist organization, waging a war of psychological terror on the American populace. DHS is a group, a class of cowards who wage war against Occupy or any subsequent group that arises like Occupy. How much of the MSM bias towards Occupy was and is instigated by DHS and the corporate loyalists? Patriotism circa 2012 is corporate loyalism masquerading as patriotism. My God, those occupiers and old hippie activists are having a leftward thought and using leftward words, let's go get them! The tools of the corporatists are mainly reading people's texts, emails and tweets; 98% of Americans think their lives are private, that they are using the Internetwork alone.
 Local law enforcement can, through Homeland Security, crack any password of any kind for Facebook, twitter, linked in, your email account or your web space. Most of America uses coke or Pepsi as their password, but even the most sophisticated, 16-digit password can be broken easily by the NSA; in our security-obsessed culture, Homeland Security can and does access NSA password cracking computers to Telnet into people's online accounts and read the messages.
The DHS spying, the police and sheriffs and state police spying, the DHS agents showing up and kettling the Occupiers is oppression of First Amendment rights. Romney said, "Corporations are people, my friend". The police kettling maneuvers are peopling my friend. Citizens' United money is free speech, but we are going to surveil, kettle, pepper spray and baton the free speech first amendment rights right out of you, because Corporations are people, my friend" The Supreme Court gives free speech to Monsanto and Bain Capital, but DHS surveillance and police kettling people like fish in a net are all the free speech the rest of us will ever have? Is that how it works, Romney?
 America is a place, that even if you never finished High School and cannot read and write, you can sign on the dotted X, get a Federally insured student loan, and attend an un-named college and major in Homeland Security. America is like magic; you apply yourself and become a crotch groper at the airport for TSA. With a certificate from a certain private college, even if you cannot read and write, you can teach police and sheriffs to eavesdrop.
 Police and Sheriffs have black and white cars, generally. Their motto is, "To Protect and Serve". Department of Homeland Security's motto is "Preserving Our Freedoms".
 Does Preserving Our Freedoms mean preserving our expected right to privacy? DHS - Preserving Our Freedoms" What a misnomer. In 2011, Department of Homeland Security spy-hardware and local law enforcement listened in on a private conversation I had with a friend of mine. I'm an activist, a progressive-socialist; most of my friends are some form of liberal-brained people, some of them are as activist as myself or more so. Not me personally, but some of my friends were" how do you say this? Their actions were written memos on the mayor's desk, the police watch commanders desk, discussed privately by city council, one was even a phone call to the governor.
I met with a friend once when I suspected I was being surveilled. My friend was not aware we were being eavesdropped upon by local law. I was not sure, but suspected the police had bugged my car. Our eavesdroppers heard every word my friend said" He spoke openly and painfully about his HIV condition" He talked about the hassle of wearing catheters" He talked about how much he misses sex with women, how lonely he gets" He talked about how painful it is when he gets aroused while wearing a catheter. He talked about the expense of his HIV antivirals, the struggle to stay alive, financially; the financial struggle itself.
 My car had been stolen three days earlier, had disappeared mysteriously then shown up just as mysteriously in a place where I shop. The police said they were doing a big favor to me, giving me back my car without any impound fees.
 For the next three days, I saw more law enforcement in my vicinity than I've ever seen in my life. Right after my friends' "confiding" in me, law enforcement showed up at my house, told me they were impounding my car. I gave them my keys; they retrieved something from under the front seat and changed their mind about impounding my car. Words cannot describe the stress I felt about being surveilled. Words cannot describe how much I distrust local law enforcement. To Protect and Serve needs to be replaced with to oppress free speech, to obliterate all expectation of human privacy anywhere at any time. To serve the right wing corporate master and obliterate the US Constitution. To entice, entrap and manipulate the left into a for-profit-prison-industrial-complex.
 DHS and local law enforcement use the Patriot Act and all their new hardware and warrantless surveillance laws in ways that have nothing to do with Arabic Terrorists or Randy Weaver groups. I'm aware of a man in my neighborhood that went to prison for making a terrorist threat; he will have the word terror etched into his criminal record even long after he dies. To Protect and Serve, Preserving Our Freedom" Two brothers drink beer and get into a fight. One of them goes to prison for over five years and becomes a registered terrorist. We used to send guys like that to a drunk tank overnight; sometimes they were not even finger-printed and booked.
 Many articles on opednews.com are ultra-critical of the Democrats, of Obama. People want to blame Bush for everything, to pretend it is all okay now, just re-elect Obama. Please try to get past man drinks beer, man is a drunk and deserves what he gets. He said something vulgar when he was drunk, he's a terrorist? Really? A lot of America thinks just like that. If we are going to drop the bar that low with the Patriot Act, where do we lower the bar to, next? Congress and Bush passed the Patriot Act and formed DHS to stop terrorists; Mohamed Atta was used as an example of a terrorist, along with 18 other men used as our national excuse for passing the Patriot Act, forming up TSA and DHS.
 What was police DHS logic for charging an elderly grandfather with terrorism and sending him to the prison-for-profit-industrial-system? He is the father of a lady cop, the father in law of a man cop; he cannot afford a good lawyer so they put him in prison for terrorism. In our Orwellian and Huxley Brave New 1984 World, drunk in public or disturbing the peace will not suffice, charge him with terrorism so he can be compared to Mohamed Atta the rest of his life and even after that. Grandpa, who loves his grandkids to pieces, attends Catholic confession every week along with Mass, is a terrorist. Someone heard him say bad words when he was drunk on beer, lock him up for terrorism"
 You too can go to private college; grope crotches for TSA, spy on HIV-infected men talking about catheter pain and romantic loneliness. We should all feel so free, so secure. Local law once could have let a drunk sleep it off and go home, given him a signatory card to go to AA meetings for 30 days to have his charges dropped. Does it matter whether he was charged with Terrorist Threat under Bush or Obama or Romney? Look at what we have become" Maybe we need a new reality show, where all of America can hear about Catheters on national TV, the DHS/Local Law Enforcement show, lets all listen in to Americans enjoying their freedom and rights to privacy" We could also have a show called Prison Via the Patriot Act, where we see people becoming brand new inmates, brand new terrorists because we convicted them for drunken, ugly speech. Why put them in a drunk tank overnight without booking, that would not make a good Hollywood reality show.
 None of the characters, friends, enemies, acquaintances and people I barely know here in Pasadena, California has anything remotely in common with Ted Kaczynski, Randy Weaver, Tim McVeigh or Osama Bin Laden. Those surveilled are ordinary, unremarkable people, unless you want to talk about organic gardening. Those I have known the longest locally are botanist, organic gardeners, or born into a nursery family like I was. Descendents of farmers. The houses I visited while my car was bugged ended up under surveillance. July 2011 I was the focus of being investigated by laws covered under the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security.
 A long time ago, every really big chain store had an inbred-looking security person at the front door; they were inevitably those rejected by both the police and the army. Now they just go to DHS and TSA and become supervisors and teach others to grab stranger's crotches in airports and "professionals" to eavesdrop on catheter conversations in a land known as freedom and democracy, the promised land of milk of amnesia. Everyone has either forgotten real freedom, or was born under the cloud of Bush and Obama. Spied upon Occupiers menaced with massive crowds of armed storm troopers waiting in advance has nothing to do with freedom.
First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
What do catheter conversations have to do with "Preserving Our Freedom" as DHS uses for their logo? Department of Homeland Security and local cops: Preserving Our Catheters. There you go the local police and DHS need to paint Preserving Our Catheters on the door of every car in their fleets. Did you guys get that on tape clearly, or would you like me to type it in all caps? Preserving Our Catheters, one warrantless intrusion at a time"
What intimate, personal details of the Occupiers lives are being recorded and stored on a digital hard drive right now? Arguments with wives, are a terrorist act? Is local law enforcement and DHS recording a woman Occupier scolding her children for not doing their homework? Is that a terrorist act? The biased, presstitute news media uses the word anarchists regularly to objectify Occupiers to help taint the large public potential jury pool. My neighbor's jury was not even out deliberating five minutes before convicting him of terrorism, terrorist threat. His handlers, the cops and DHS employees who got him convicted would once have been unarmed security guards in a hardware store. Now they are in charge of convicting grandpa of terrorism. It is good work, lots of hours, health benefits, and it makes us all secure. Right now, as you read this, some Occupy Grandmother somewhere is in the cross-hairs of both the Sheriffs Department and Department of Homeland Security. If they can build any kind of bogus court case, her jury will put her away for terrorism. The thought police are watching. If you are discussing anything you wish to be private such as catheters, it is probably being recorded and saved to disk.
Time for Occupiers to organize via carrier pigeon" Local law and DHS are using e-surveillance to deny and dissuade Occupy from having First Amendment Rights. What does this have to do with keeping anyone safe from terrorism? Occupy could sue DHS in civil court for First Amendment violations, but the large jury pool is so media brainwashed it is doubtful 9 of 12 jurors would ever see things Occupy's way.
Corporations depend upon the spy-work of local "law" and DHS spy hardware and personnel, not to preserve our way of life, but to preserve the corporatists way of life. The oath taken by military, police and politicians needs to be changed to a swearing, an affirmation of upholding corporate profits. The three corporate owned branches are at the top; local sheriffs, police and DHS are the bottom-feeders, the bottom-of-the-barrel rule-of-not-law; rather they are the bottom-tier rule-of-profiteers, the mob enforces of today's Enron Corporations. Remember Enron and Junk-Bond-Traders? Circa 2012, those types of businesses do not go under, do not go to jail, do not collapse; circa 2012, local law and DHS simply surveil all who would expose the corporate-government symbiosis of malfeasance. DHS -- Preserving Our Pretenses, Lords of all whom they surveil.

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