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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2012-11-21 "Fox News host degrades the poor, says foodstamps are a good way to lose weight"

by Lou Colagiovanni [http://www.examiner.com/article/fox-news-host-degrades-the-poor-says-foodstamps-are-a-good-way-to-lose-weight]:
Newark, New Jersey Mayor and potential 2016 presidential contender Cory Booker publicly accepted a challenge to live for a week on food stamps, spending only 25% of the average $133 allocated to state recipients [http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/11/newark-mayor-cory-bookers-food-stamp-challenge/]. As a response, naturally, Fox chose to mock the hungry.
The comments happened on Fox Business channel, during a segment of Varney & Company. Host Stuart Varney asked Andrea Tantaros whether she would be able to live on just $133 a month. She obliviously responded:
“I should try it because do you know how fabulous I'd look? I mean, the camera adds ten pounds. It really does. I would be looking great."
Fox takes the position of a moral contortionist, in that they regularly disparage those who require government assistance as leeches on an already strained system, while their own hosts admit that the assistance that is offered is not enough for a person to maintain adequate nutrition.
You may watch the actual video of the segment, courtesy of mediamatters.org, by clicking here [http://mediamatters.org/blog/2012/11/21/foxs-tantaros-treats-food-stamps-as-a-diet-plan/191497].

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