Fascism is the union of government with private business against the People.
"To The States, or any one of them, or to any city of The States: Resist much, Obey little; Once unquestioning obedience, at once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, ever afterward resumes its liberty." from "Caution" by Walt Whitman

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ronald Reagan: Fascists in need of "their" President

Ronald Reagan was a classic example of a "puppet", an actor who played his role according to his script, even after he began suffering Alzheimers during 1984. His years as President was marked by complete control over foreign and domestic policies by a "shadow cabinet", unelected, which expanded pre-existing fascist militias across Latin America and Europe, and the expansion of prisons, and the drug war, against captive nations ("minorities") in the USA. Ronald Regan's status as a puppet continues, even beyond death, representing whatever the oligarchy wants him to represent to the "conservatives" of the USA.

President Ronald Reagan's support for neo-Nazis in Ukraine, a history in the current context (1981 to 1989) [link]

Reagan's job glory

The irony is that the legacy of Reagan is "to the Right" of some of Pres. Reagan's official policy stances.

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