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Thursday, November 24, 2011

11/28 NYC PSC Calls For Mobilization Against Police Attacks And Tuition Hikes
from Sándor John, adjunct activist at Hunter College [s_an (@) msn.com] (writing in a personal capacity)
...The Professional Staff Congress -- our union -- has called to "mobilize our members" this coming Monday, November 28 starting at 4:00 p.m. in front of Baruch College at Lexington Avenue and 25th Street.
Large-scale solidarity is needed in response to the brutality that CUNY management and security (together with the NYPD) unleashed against CUNY students who were peacefully protesting tuition hikes at last Monday's Board of Trustees meeting, which was held at Baruch.
Defending CUNY students, defending the right to protest, standing up for unionism against the Board of Trustees, against tuition hikes and police brutality -- these are vital issues. (See posting below.)
Let's work together to make Monday massive -- a mass labor/student/community mobilization.
The union and others must reach out to the rest of city labor to come to Baruch en masse on Monday at 4.
Student organizations throughout CUNY and at other schools need to organize intensively to bring masses of student on Monday. GAs and other organizing bodies need to move fast to make sure this happens.
Outreach to community and activist groups fed up with police brutality and racism; with school closings and educational colonialism, tuition hikes and privatization -- to come massively on Monday to Baruch at 4:00 p.m.
Let's make Monday's protest a massive assertion of our rights.

P.S. If anyone asks why, tell them to watch these:

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